What We Do

Asset Recovery

Most complex fraud cases are now transnational in nature, with fraudsters seeking to launder the proceeds of their deception through numerous bank accounts held by different corporate vehicles, linked in turn to bogus transactions and the purchase of assets (such as real estate, yachts, art and aircraft). In response, our team of lawyers and investigators […]

Complex Commercial Ligitation & Arbitration

Martin Kenney & Co is experienced in bringing complex proceedings before the BVI Commercial Court, as well as other courts in the Eastern Caribbean, and before Arbitral Tribunals. As with all litigation it is crucial to identify the client’s commercial objectives and to prosecute the action vigorously. The work necessitates experienced commercial litigation practitioners working […]

International Insolvency

Insolvency is a key component within the fraud litigator’s arsenal. Very frequently corporate vehicles, whether offshore or onshore, will have been used as part of the structure through which money is improperly taken and/or laundered. There are very significant advantages to using the insolvency process in recovering assets, in particular arising from the willingness of […]

Interim Disclosure & Freezing Orders

A key component of our practice’s work is the use of interim disclosure and freezing orders as part of substantive litigation we may run, or ancillary to substantive litigation elsewhere. The BVI and the wider Eastern Caribbean in, common with most English-based jurisdictions, has a wide variety of interim remedies available for effective asset recovery. […]

International & Regional Investigations

Martin Kenney & Co boasts two investigative wings, one based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and another in the UK, with two of the investigators bringing with them 66 years of policing experience in the investigation of fraud and financial crime. The unit specialises in the taking of complex witness statements and affidavits, a […]

Confidential Caribbean Enquiries

On foot of approximately 13 years situated in the British Virgin Islands, Martin Kenney & Co’s Investigation Unit (IU) is well connected throughout the Caribbean region and internationally, enabling it to organise and case-manage both Caribbean-centric and international investigations in the strictest of confidence. This region is, quite rightly, notably challenging to work in while […]

Open Source Investigations

Our team is experienced in the use of Open Source Investigation (OSI), which is fundamental to our overall investigatory process. OSI can also be an important tool in the undertaking of enhanced due-diligence tasks. We are regularly tasked with utilising OSI as a tool to identify a suspect’s lifestyle from news and social media outlets. […]

Wider Caribbean Assistance

Because of its beauty and generally ready access to major onshore jurisdictions, the wider Caribbean has been a magnet for leisure investment and associated infrastructure. When commercial issues arise, or investigations and inquiries are necessitated by clients onshore, they often turn to trusted onshore advisors to pursue whatever remedies are required. In our experience such […]

High Value Divorce Proceedings

A key component of divorce proceedings is the true and accurate disclosure of assets between the parties. Where one spouse apparently conceals ownership of value it is open to the other spouse to seek to obtain disclosure orders to test the veracity of the other party. Martin Kenney & Co. has, on numerous occasions, obtained […]