MKS boasts two investigative wings, one based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the other in the UK, bringing decades of policing experience in the investigation of fraud and financial crime.

We also boast some of the latest cutting-edge investigative software and a team of younger financial investigation experts.

The unit specialises in the taking of complex witness statements and affidavits, a process that includes the recording, management and presentation of any associated exhibits.

The initial stages of a fraud investigation includes the early assessment of any supporting transactional detail, in preparation of any forensic accountancy.

The investigations team has access to numerous proprietary databases that can provide important insight into the background and history of suspects.

We specialise in the production of complex reports that form the foundation of prospective litigation processes, for the use of asset recovery lawyers across the globe.

Our team has extensive experience of utilising various surveillance techniques to supplement the evidence gathering process.

Our team is familiar with the world of offshore service providers, including company formation and management firms. This enables them to identify aspects of an investigation that they know will be of use to the asset recovery lawyers.