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OPINION | Can an international anti-corruption court really work?

Martin Kenney examines recent calls for an international anti-corruption court ——— Former UK Labour government minister and now Peer Peter Hain recently urged the UK to back the creation of an international anti-corruption court (IACC). Lord Hain suggested that the proposed court would run analogous to the International Criminal Court in the Hague, allowing for […]

The 1MBD Scandal Moves Apace

The criminal investigation into Malaysia’s 1MDB scandal must be conducted in tandem with a multifaceted, multi-jurisdictional, multidisciplinary civil asset recovery investigation, says Martin Kenney

The political importance of asset recovery

Asset recovery is a term generally used to describe efforts made by a victim of a crime, usually a fraud, to get his or her stolen value back. It is a burgeoning area of practice, in major part because the quantum of value stolen and the overall risk has increased so much over the last 25 years.