Together with our colleagues at ICC FraudNet, the global network of elite asset recovery lawyers co-founded by Martin Kenney, we are sharing a message of support about Ukraine.

ICC FraudNet statement

As the world’s leading global network of fraud and asset recovery lawyers, ICC FraudNet joins the world community in the condemnation of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, which is a clear violation of international law.

We are angered, horrified, and deeply saddened by the media reports of the loss of life, damage to property and infrastructure and echo the humanitarian outrage caused by this act.

We also join the calls for the immediate withdrawal of all Russian military units from Ukraine and for Russia to respect the fundamental principles of public international law and international humanitarian law, by which it is bound.

We stand with all the people of Ukraine who are enduring appalling suffering from this needless and unprovoked violence.

#standwithukraine #russiainvadedukraine #ukraine

ICC FraudNet