Tony McClements discusses lessons from the Post Office scandal with Rihonna Scroggins on the ACFE ‘Fraud Talk’ podcast

In the newest episode of ‘Fraud Talk’, the podcast from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), our Head of Investigations, Tony McClements, delves into the infamous UK Post Office IT scandal.

This led to hundreds of flawed prosecutions of sub-postmasters in the UK and the subsequent setting up of a major public inquiry.

As Tony unravels the layers of what’s being called the UK’s largest ever miscarriage of justice, he discusses the critical failures of the Horizon IT system at the heart of the scandal, and the damaging effects of withheld disclosures during legal proceedings, with Rihonna Scoggins of the ACFE.

Listen in now to discover the shocking truths behind the scandal:

Tony McClements BIO