More than 2,700 postmasters have already been compensated in what is being called the UK’s largest miscarriage of justice

Holding people accountable for the miscarriage of justice caused by the Horizon IT scandal is now as important as any level of compensation, says Tony McClements, writing exclusively for the Toronto Star.

Hundreds of former sub-postmasters in the UK have been convicted of fraud and other offences, and many more left destitute – while some have even taken their lives – after the Post Office chased phantom losses caused by faults in its Horizon IT software.

Now being referred to as the UK’s largest ever miscarriage of justice, a public inquiry is underway and the UK Government has said it is looking at new legislation to quash convictions, while moves are afoot to offer new compensation to those affected.

A powerful TV drama, ‘Mr Bates vs the Post Office’, tells the story of this shocking saga on the ITVX platform.

Toronto Star: Seeking justice in UK Post Office scandal

Tony McClements is Head of Investigations at Martin Kenney & Co (MKS) and a veteran former fraud detective in UK police forces