• MKS moves up Chambers and Partners rankings
  • “Their ability to handle complex and sophisticated matters is very strong”

We’re delighted to announce that both Martin Kenney & Co (MKS) and our Head of Firm, Martin Kenney, have been highly recognised by the esteemed Chambers and Partners in the new Litigation Support Guide, published today.

The firm has moved up one ranking to be rated as a Band 3 firm globally, while Martin raises into Band 2, rating him among the top asset recovery lawyers worldwide.

Chambers and Partners said

Martin Kenney & Co (MKS) is able to handle complex and sophisticated matters, including the development and implementation of creative and effective strategies and tactics for such matters. They have a solid handle on the law, procedures and practicalities, and can move expeditiously. They are thorough and they work well with international teams of law firms and lawyers in other jurisdictions.”

Chambers and Partners added

“The firm has strong lawyers and supporting investigators and others in BVI and working virtually from other locations. They know their stuff, work hard and can handle whatever comes their way.”

On Martin Kenney

“Martin Kenney is a renowned thought and practice leader in the areas of international litigation and international asset tracing and recovery. He is always aware of commercial developments across the globe and often provides cogent advice on a whim.”

“Martin is incredibly knowledgeable and can answer any doubts comprehensively. His attention to detail is remarkable, as is his dedication and enthusiasm to the matter and its details.”

Notable mentions also went to our Head of Litigation, Andrew Gilliland, and our Senior Barrister, Malcolm Arthurs.

On Andrew Gilliland

“Andrew Gilliland’s client service and general level of service is very strong. Andrew’s level of sophistication is very strong. His commercial vision is very strong. Andrew is very strong on all these dimensions. The difference from Martin Kenney, is that Andrew does not yet have the seniority and years of experience that Martin has. But nonetheless, Andrew punches above his weight on the above three dimensions.”

Malcolm Arthurs feedback

“Martin Kenney’s other colleagues not listed here have also been amazing, such as Malcolm Arthurs.”

Martin Kenney said that he was “humbled”

“On a personal note, I’m humbled to receive such positive comments about both myself and MKS from peers and clients. When I began in this field over 30 years ago, asset recovery was very much in its infancy; today, that field has grown exponentially, as have jurisdictional and technological challenges. It’s a testament to our team’s hard work, over many long hours and cases, that they have managed to improve our rankings with Chambers & Partners to this degree. We’ll continue to work hard to serve our clients, whatever their circumstances, in the fight for justice.”

New Partner, Dan Wise, added

“I have been delighted to return to MKS and see our team heralded in such a manner by Chambers & Partners. I’m proud of all our staff and lawyers for the dedication and hard work they’ve put in on behalf of our clients, which is reflected in these new rankings. We’ll work hard to maintain and improve these high standards going into the future.”

Head of Investigations, Tony McClements, said

“As MKS continues to develop its litigation capabilities, our Investigations Unit is committed to supporting our excellent team of lawyers in their cutting-edge endeavours. We are constantly striving to improve our skills and technical capabilities, and with the depth and mix of our investigative teams we aim to bring an unparalleled forensic insight to support intensive and cross-jurisdictional litigation. We’re really excited to see what the challenges ahead might bring.”