By Marcelo Ruiz Rodrigues Dos Santos

On 10 February 2023, the Supreme Federal Court (STF) of Brazil authorised the seizure of a debtor’s driving license and passport, a measure aimed at preventing non-payment of debts. This decision is an important initiative for preserving economic justice, as it allows creditors to receive what is owed to them more efficiently.

The decision was led by Chief Justice Fux, who commented that:

This measure is a necessary tool for ensuring that debts are paid and that economic justice is maintained. We must provide creditors with the means to recover their debts in a fair and efficient manner.

Access to justice is fundamental for building a more just and equitable society, and the Supreme Federal Court’s decision reinforces this principle. Seizing a debtor’s driving license and passport will be a valuable tool for creditors in debt recovery, allowing them to more effectively seek satisfaction of their rights.

In addition, this decision also brings benefits to debtors, as the receipt of overdue debts will help restore their confidence and economic stability. It is important to remember that the goal of seizing a driver’s license and passport is not to harm the debtor, but to ensure economic justice and protect the rights of creditors.

In conclusion, the recent decision by the Supreme Federal Court to authorise such a seizure is a crucial step in preserving economic justice and ensuring the rights of creditors and debtors are protected.

With Chief Justice Fux leading the charge and emphasising the importance of this measure, the financial system is on the path to becoming more balanced, fair and efficient. The benefits of this decision will be felt by both creditors and debtors, as it will help creditors recover their debts more effectively and help debtors restore their financial stability.

Ultimately, this decision marks a significant moment in the efforts to build a more just and equitable society and promote the preservation of economic justice for all.

Marcelo Ruiz is a qualified Brazilian lawyer with strong experience in corporate and finance law, insolvency and international asset tracing, with particular focus on complex multi-jurisdictional cases and litigation. He acts as the most immediate member of the team to support Martin Kenney’s leadership on all of the firm’s Brazilian bankruptcy fraud recovery matters.