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COMMENTARY — UK’s registry move draws fire

Having browbeaten the House of Commons into enacting a statute seeking to impose public ultimate beneficial ownership registers on the United Kingdom’s overseas territories, such as the Virgin Islands, there are moves afoot to legally fortify this legislative decision by declaring it under the heading of national security.

Why do 99% of cybercrime fraudsters escape justice in the UK?

Some online frauds are so simple to execute it questions why criminals would even consider robbing a bank. A shocking report this month revealed that 99% of all cybercriminals escaped justice in the UK. This is a staggering figure and paints a gloomy picture for those victims falling foul of online scams. The country’s top […]

Martin Kenney: Are cryptocurrencies the new Dutch Tulip mania?

The news earlier this month that Google was to follow Facebook and ban all ads for cryptocurrencies wasn’t entirely unexpected. However, it did say much about the way such innovative technology is being misused. The UK comedian and U.S. TV host John Oliver of Last Week Tonight fame, sought to explaincryptocurrencies on his show recently. […]

Martin Kenney: Eurovision scandal reveals weakness of UBO registers

As if to prove my point that open/public company ownership registers are only as good as the information declared and recorded, news broke last month that a UK office block was home to more than 100 potentially shady companies listed there. The building holding all these companies is a small office block located in the […]