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Preferred Area of Practice: International Fraud and Asset Recovery.

Recognized as a preeminent law firm in the highly specialized field of asset tracing and recovery, Martin Kenney & Co. and its founding partner have been featured in articles and broadcasts of media outlets in many countries:

OffshoreAlert of Miami has said that Mr. Kenney is, “one of the world's leading authorities on the legal aspects of freezing and seizing assets in multiple jurisdictions.”

The Canadian Lawyer magazine of Toronto has said that … “Mr. Kenney just may be - considering his Robin Hood reputation and his bulldog legal tactics - one of the most determined and trusted lawyers around.”

The Financial Times US edition has called Mr. Kenney a “top international asset chaser.”

Wired (UK) magazine (October 2009) has characterised the firm as the “sharpest fraud busters in the world.”

The Report on Business magazine (Globe and Mail, Canada) has said: “…Kenney runs one of the world’s most successful asset-hunting and recovery firms.”

Switzerland's leading business weekly, Handelszeitung (November 2011), has referred to Kenney as being "...renowned as one of the best specialists worldwide when it comes to tracking down millions that have been misappropriated by fraudsters."